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5/4/2008 -- An article in the Central Pennsylvania Business Journal talks to owners of three rinks - Roll'R'Way in York, Olympic in Enola, FountainBlu in New Cumberland, and Wheelz of Fire (formerly Star) in Swatara Township - about the popularity of skating in central Pennsylvania. It's rare to see an article where they actually talk to more than one rink owner, and this is an interesting read (especially for me since I've spent a lot of time at Olympic).

4/22/2008 -- There's an article about the rink I go to (Wheels in Odenton, MD) in the Annapolis, MD newspaper.

10/7/2007 -- This summer, I have added several new rinks to the Roller Rinks Map, mainly in Cleveland, OH and the Tidewater Virginia area (along with a few others, such as the former Knoebels rink in Elysburg, PA). Also, if you do not use Google Earth, you can see them on Google Maps now, too. Enjoy!

4/25/2007 -- An article in the Albany, New York Business Review talks about the challenges rinks are facing to remain competitive.

2/10/2007 -- If you use Google Earth, try out the Roller Rinks Map I've been working on. The rinks on the map (mostly around DC, but there are some in Pennsylvania; Athens, Georgia; Charleston, South Carolina, and Austin, Texas, too) are spotted on the actual buildings the rink is located in. These are all rinks I've actually located on the ground; I've skated at most of them. You'll also notice the locations spotted of several defunct rinks. As I travel around I'll add more to the file. (Please don't email me about missing rinks - it's difficult for me to add them without having actually visited their locations myself.)

9/9/2006 -- MapMuse.com has created a map containing roller skating rinks! Here is a map of trails suitable for outdoor inline skating, too.

2/18/2006 -- I've added a link in the Skaters section to Single Skaters, an online dating service for skaters.

6/9/2005 -- I've been adding new areas to the forums lately, including a section entitled "Skating News" - for articles (and commentary) on skating-related subjects. Enjoy!

3/26/2005 -- Someone sent me a link to a Sears Catalog from 1971. Check out this page, which includes bicycles and roller skates (too bad the scan isn't bigger).

3/7/2005 -- The boards are active again (actually, they weren't offline for long) with some anti-spam measures that seem to be working. I also took the opportunity to add some new sections.

2/24/2005 -- I've disabled the forums for now due to the recent spamming by adult websites until I can find a way to get rid of them for good. I have to delete several accounts every day to keep up with them.

10/24/2004 -- The Washington Post has another article on roller skating, with information about rinks in the DC area.

10/17/2004 -- After a month of testing with no reported problems, I've made the new version of the Rink Websites the only way to access the information.

10/10/2004 -- I'm happy to announce that we're now hosted by pair.com again. There were too many "connection refused" error messages or just long load times, and several users reported having issues connecting. And, this is less expensive. If you find any problems, please contact me!

9/18/2004 -- I'm working on rewriting the Rink Websites list so that each region has its own page. Check out the new and improved version here. This pulls the information directly from the database rather than having me create a static page every time I do an update. Please let me know if you notice any problems with it. The static page is still available here.

8/28/2004 -- Wow, it's been a while. :) As always, the Club Websites and the Rink Websites lists are updated on a semi-regular basis. (I try to do it monthly, but sometimes I get backed up with other things.) However, the big news right now is that the home page of Roller-Skate.org (this page) is now using CSS to define the layout and colors of the page. This should make the page display more gracefully on handhelds and cell phones, as well as text browsers and screen readers (yes, blind people skate, too!). I haven't converted the other pages to use this format yet, so this is the only page you may see any differences. Please let me know if you have any problems with it!

2/27/2003 -- We finally installed a discussion forum. Current topics include "General Roller-skating" and "Buy and Sell". Other suggestions are welcome!

1/12/2003 -- We now have an online form to make it easier for you to suggest new rink websites to us.

1/11/2003 -- See a cow go roller skating at Gladys Goes Roller-skating! I've added the link to the Skaters section, too. It seemed the most appropriate place for it.

1/5/2003 -- Happy New Year! And, with the new year started, we're now hosted at phpwebhosting.com. This move will allow us to use scripts which will allow you to submit new information to us more easily. It will also be easier for us to manage the site. Watch for new features in the upcoming months, possibly including a working discussion center, mailing lists, etc. Send us e-mail if you have suggestions--we'd love to hear them.

Note for Windows Users: Please check your systems for viruses and worms! I receive several files that are randomly sent from victims' computers every day. Thanks.

12/8/2002 -- It hasn't really been that long since I've made an update! For one thing, the Rink Websites page is constantly being updated--at least once a month, but usually more.

I've made some changes, though. Most importantly, I've added a new section for roller skating clubs and teams. Currently, the only page there is a list of club websites, much like the rink websites page. The club websites page is very sparse, so please send those links!

The left-hand navigation bar changed, too. I:

  1. Included the clubs page,
  2. Removed the link to the discussion groups, which hasn't worked in months anyway. Sooner or later, we'll get some discussion boards up here that actually work (I have some preliminary plans on this subject). :)
  3. Sorted the links on the left alphabetically.

7/2/2002 -- Added a page for regional information.

7/2/2002 -- Results from Southeastern Regionals (2002) are now available.

5/3/2002 -- Read my review of the new Tour 890 inlines.

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* USA Roller Sports, which oversees roller, inline, and hockey competitions in the United States.